Islam ‘does not belong in German society’ – poll

A majority of Germans have rejected former President Christian Wulff’s famous statement that “Islam is now also a part of Germany”, with 52 percent against the idea.

Just 44 percent of people surveyed by the Forsa opinion institute for Stern magazine agreed with the former head of state that Islam was part of Germany.

However, a second question asking how people thought Germany should deal with hostility to Muslims found that 53 percent of people believed that it should be treated as seriously as anti-Semitism.

[A TOP COMMENT] …. we see that the problem is not the muslim religion itself, the problem is the Sharia, the islamic law which denotes an Islamic way of life that is more than a system of civil or criminal justice. If you read about it you will see that it can´t be allowed in any civilized country, after that, they can pray to whoever they want. [The Local] Read more