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A Short Review of the “State of Media Reporting on Islam & Muslims

July 2019, 7pp

A report published by the Centre of Media Monitoring, a Project of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)

Research by the MCB shows there is an enormous amount of bad news about Islam and Muslims in the British media. It examined more than 10,000 articles and TV clips and said….

What the Papers say about Islam & Muslims – EXPLAINED

May 2018, 120pp

A survey of press coverage of Islam and Muslims in the UK, other Western countries, and the Muslim world, by British and other English language sources.

The survey gives the headlines of over 700 news reports and articles published over the last 18 months of which 261 directly concern the UK, and in most cases gives short extracts further revealing content and meaning. Popular readers’ comments are also sometimes given.


1.0 Summary
      1.1 What the Papers Say
      1.2 Is this a Fair Picture?
      1.3 Muslim Response
2.0 What the Papers Say – UK
      2.1 General
      2.2 Islam in Schools
      2.3 Hijabs and Veils
      2.4 Sharia
      2.5 Halal
3.0 What the Papers Say – Muslim World
4.0 What the Papers Say – Western World
      4.1 General
      4.2 Face Covering and Hijabs
5.0 Minority Muslim Voices
6.0 Surveys
      6.1 British Muslims
      6.2 Other Muslims

What People Think of Islam – Readers’ Comments LEFT, RIGHT & CENTRE

December 2016, 123pp

A survey of readers’ comments on articles about Islam and Muslims published by leading quality and popular British newspapers over the 12 months to November 2016.

It concentrates on social, cultural, religious and political topics and mostly ignores terrorism and armed conflict in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The Islamic State is sometimes covered because it has such a strong Islamic dimension.


1.0 Summary
2.0 Typical Comments
3.0 The Guardian
4.0 The Independent & similar
5.0 Daily Mail, The Telegraph, & similar
6.0 Times, Regional & International Press, Other

This is Why 2016 – A Survey of the Causes of the Widespread Criticism, Dislike, and Suspicion of Islam in Britain

December 2016, 36pp

The survey provides a large sample of 402 headlines and extracts from news reports concerning Islam and Muslims published by UK media and other English language media (especially in Europe and America) over the last 12 months.

It concentrates on social, cultural, religious, and political topics.

The Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, and the Sun account for 17 percent of the reports. The BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Times account for 25 percent, and UK regional newspapers account for 7 percent.

Readers Don’t Matter ā€“ At The Guardian

February 2016, 27pp

The Guardian newspaper has decided that comments on its website will not be opened on pieces on race, immigration and Islam unless the moderators know they have the capacity to support the conversation and they believe a positive debate is possible.

The Guardian claims this has been brought about by an unacceptable level of “toxic” comments. Such comments drive away those with moderate voices.

We think this claim is ridiculous.

The real reason is the huge number of sensible and knowledgeable comments on Islam and other contentious subjects that don’t agree with the Guardian editorial line, and the massive support these comments get from other Guardian readers.

Judge for yourself. This report gives a selection of top rated (those with the highest number of votes from fellow readers) and typical comments on articles concerning Islam published by the Guardian over the last 18 months.

Survey Of Surveys – Concerning Islam & Muslims

June 2015, 119pp

This is a survey of surveys and polls from reliable sources published over the last five years or so, compiled with the objective of providing a clear picture and a convenient reference.

For each survey or poll the Survey gives: Headline Results; Publisher; Agency; Survey Details (sample size, method, and date); Published Date; Links to Full Results; Summary Results and Tables; and examples of and links to media coverage. Covers 44 surveys and polls in total.


Headline Results
Surveys – British Muslims
Surveys – British People (non-Muslims)
Surveys – Muslims in Islamic Countries
Surveys – Muslims in Western Countries
Surveys – International (non-Muslims)

Publishers and Research Agencies include: BBC, University of Essex, Gallup, Policy Exchange, YouGov, Sunday Times, Sky News, Channel 4, University of Nottingham, Chatham House, Extremis Project, Searchlight Educational Trust, Pew Research Center, Australian Research Council, WZB – Berlin Social Science Center, German Interior Ministry, Bertelsmann Foundation, Scanlon Foundation and Monash University, Stern Magazine, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Le Parisien, Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, IFOP.

What People Think of Islam – Readers’ Comments

December 2015, 167pp

This is a survey of readers’ comments on articles about Islam and Muslims published by leading British newspapers over the nine months February to November 2015.

It concentrates on social, religious, cultural and political topics and mostly ignores armed conflict and terrorism in Afghanistan, the Middle East, Africa, Israel and Palestine, and strongly cultural issues such as FGM and honour killings. ISIS is covered because it has such a strong Islamic dimension.

For each of the 140 articles covered in the survey you are given:

(1) Title and date
(2) A short extract from the article giving the purpose or main message
(3) The most popular readers’ comments – those with the highest number of votes, or recommendations, or likes, from other readers.

Newspapers covered are: The Guardian, The Independent, The Huffington Post UK (a website only), The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Spectator, and other (e.g. Times) including regional and international.


1.0 Summary

    1.1 What the Liberal Left Thinks of Islam (Courtesy of the Guardian)
    1.2 This Survey – What’s Covered & How the Information is Presented
    1.3 Why Is There Such Widespread Dislike & Criticism of Islam?

2.0 The Guardian

    2.1 The Guardian Regarding the Paris Attacks

3.0 The Independent, The Huffington Post UK
4.0 The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Spectator
5.0 Other including Regional & International Press

Annex 1 – News Reports Concerning Britain
Annex 2 – News Reports Concerning the Muslim World
Annex 3 – News Reports Concerning Western Countries

Readers’ Comments – What People Think of Islam

February 2015, 124pp

This is a survey of reader’s comments on articles dealing with Islam and Muslims published OVER THE NINE MONTHS May 2014 to January 2015 by leading newspapers covering the Left and Right of British politics.

There is widespread distrust and criticism of Islam in Britain. It is found amongst readers of ALL newspapers, the popular and the quality press, and across the political spectrum. Guardian readers are as distrustful and as critical of Islam as Daily Mail readers.


Typical Top Rated Comments
The Guardian
The Independent, The Huffington Post UK
The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Spectator
Regional & International Press

“Islamophobia” in the Media ā€“ The Missing Pieces

December 2013, 106pp

Written evidence submitted (uninvited) to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia


UK-Based Media: Over 350 news reports and articles covering Islam and Muslims published by UK-based media between January and November 2013.

English Language Media Based Outside the UK: Over 320 news reports and articles over the same period.

Each entry gives a representative extract from the news report or article, and the publication name and date, and where available, typical readers’ comments.

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