This site gives links to news reports of surveys and polls concerning Islam and Muslims.

The surveys and polls are categorised as follows:

Surveys – British Muslims
Surveys – British People (non-Muslims)
Surveys – Muslims in Islamic Countries
Surveys – Muslims in Western Countries
Surveys – International (non-Muslims)

From time to time the site also publishes a Survey of Surveys from reliable sources. For each survey or poll it gives: Headline Results; Publisher; Agency; Survey Details (sample size, method, and date); Published Date; Links to Full Results; Summary Results and Tables; and examples of and links to media coverage.

It covers surveys and polls from organisations such as: BBC, University of Essex, Gallup, Policy Exchange, YouGov, Sunday Times, Sky News, Channel 4, Pew Research Center, Australian Research Council, German Interior Ministry, Bertelsmann Foundation, Stern Magazine, Le Parisien, Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, IFOP.

The most recent Survey of Surveys can be downloaded from the VIEW & DOWNLOAD REPORTS page.

The site also has two sections concerning Islamophobia. The “Media” section links to articles and reports concerning the accusation that the media is the cause of Islamophobia. The “Why” section lists links to articles that show suspicion and dislike of Islam is not the creation of the media but the consequences of what Muslims themselves believe and practice.

The site is the work of private individuals and is not supported by or connected with any political party, organisation, association, society, religion, or pressure group.

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