This is Why – Part 3

A continuous survey of causes of “Islamophobia”. Conflicts in Muslim countries and terrorism are excluded. See here for explanation of survey.

January 2011

A Stranger in My Own Land
I shan’t miss the abuse my priest husband received: the daubing of “Dirty white dogs” in red paint on the church door …. For four years, we lived in inner-city Birmingham, in what has been a police no-go area for 20 years.

Somali women say Islamists becoming more draconian

Iran: Evangelical Christians are ‘corrupt and deviant, like the Taliban’

Europe Goes Halal
Muslims have the right to choose halal foods, but non-Muslims do not have the right to choose not to eat the ritually slaughtered meat

This has been scientifically established
Several doctors have achieved excellent results in treating impotence by having their patients grow their beards long. Interviewer: Allah be praised!

Odense (Denmark): Iranian priest attacked for displaying cross

Saudi Arabia Now Forcing News Bloggers to Obtain Licenses, Promote Islam

Life in jail for two Pakistani Muslim blasphemers

“Offensive Jihad Is Permissible to Secure Islam’s Borders, to Extend God’s Religion, and…”

Iran bans “tight jeans”, tattoos at some universities

No sex-education please, we are Muslims

Mecca-based Muslim outfit prohibits depiction of religious figures in movies

Iran arrests dozens of converts from Islam to Christianity

Anti-Christian crimes downplayed
We’ve heard outlandish allegations of Islamophobia sweeping America. Not getting nearly as much attention is the bloody persecution of Christians in parts of the Muslim world.

Somalia’s al-Shabab bans mixed-sex handshakes

In denial about campus extremism

Muslim girls are covertly prepared for forced marriage. Yet the feminists stay silent

Islam now considered ‘a threat’ to national identity by almost half of French and Germans, according to new poll

Helsinki Drops Muslim Women-Only Pool Sessions

Pakistani governor who opposed blasphemy law slain

‘Moderate’ clerics praise politician’s killing
Five hundred moderate Pakistani religious scholars have warned that anyone who expresses grief over the assassination of a senior ruling party official who opposed the country’s blasphemy law could suffer the same fate.

Denmark: 30% see Islam as a threat to Denmark

Hockey referee suspended for publishing Muhammad cartoon on Facebook

Iran shops banned from selling Valentine gifts

December 2010

David Cameron must face the challenge of Islamisation

Hyperbole rules in Muslim debate
According to the latest hate crime report from the Los Angeles …. 88 percent of all religiously based hate crimes in 2009 were against Jews. Hate crimes that targeted Muslims (3 percent) ranked slightly above those directed at Scientologists (1 percent). In fact, the commission found that attacks against Christians (8 percent) outnumbered attacks against Muslims.

Will Germany be a Divided Nation Again?
…. We argue that integration is not about Germany having to go through great pains to make immigrants feel at ease here with their traditions.

Malaysian Islamic Institute: “Islam rejects religious pluralism”

Saudi Arabia girls’ schools investigated over ‘illegal’ sports day
“We don’t have any regulations that say that it’s OK for girls’ schools to hold sports classes or training,” said Ahmed Al-Zahrani, director of girls’ education in Jeddah.

Former Birmingham judge who called Muslim colleague ‘tent head’ fined £10,000

Iraqi Christians flee to Kurdish areas or abroad – U.N.

Netherlands: Pork-free police lunch-boxes

Bashir plans Islamic law if Sudan splits, defends flogging woman

Muslim and Jewish groups object to labelling of ritually slaughtered meat

Muslims sue teacher for speaking about ham in class

Anti-immigrant tract is German Christmas best-seller

France: 39% agree Muslim prayer in the streets is like Nazi occupation

Life on Hold for Egyptian Christian Arrested for his Faith

Dutch may introduce burqa ban as early as 2011

Austrian man convicted for yodelling while Muslim neighbours prayed

A picture of Islamofascism: A Sudanese policeman whipping a defenceless woman

Modern Dutch Muslim women can’t find suitable partners
The current generation of young Dutch Muslim women are often quite well-educated and open-minded compared to most of their potential spouses, many of whom do not want a ‘modern’ wife.

Woman arrested for wearing hijab sues Georgia city

Doctor arrested for blasphemy over discarded business card
A doctor has been arrested on suspicion of violating Pakistan’s contentious blasphemy law by discarding a business card of a man who shared the name of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, police say.

Baluchistan: Islamists slaughtering teachers
Islamic extremists are systematically targeting teachers in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. Their crime is to teach children of both sexes in violation of Sharia.

“Every Muslim has a responsibility to protect his family from the misguidance of Christmas, because its observance will lead to hellfire”

Man sentenced to be blinded with acid by Iranian court

75% of Czechs oppose building mosques

‘Integration a fiasco’: Gothenburg official
…. the frustration of city officials who, in the words of one official, feel that 30 years of programmes aimed at integrating Muslim immigrants ‘have not worked,'” the leaked cable stated.

“Halal food movement can lead Muslims to rule world economy”

EU quietly scraps plans for compulsory labelling of meat slaughtered without stunning

Netherlands: 73% support a burqa ban

Iraqi Kurdish cleric says female circumcision recommended by Islam

Underage marriages are allowed in Islam, says Nazri

Muslim School Anger
TEACHERS have attacked plans to build five new state-funded Muslim schools, warning it will “segregate” Britain’s education system.

Malaysian sharia laws sees first women caned for sex outside of marriage

Majority of Muslims want Islam in politics, poll says

Pakistani court blocks government drive to relax blasphemy laws

Sex abuse in Muslim families goes unreported

Hardline Pakistan cleric offers reward to kill Christian woman

Iran authorities chop off man’s hand

Muslim imam who lectures on non-violence in Germany is arrested for beating up his wife

The civil war among Muslims in Britain

Indonesia’s Islamic laws are ‘abusive’, report says

Moving with the times
A Saudi man is to be lashed 70 times with the whip after he was caught using the Bluetooth feature in his mobile phone near a women’s shopping centre.

November 2010

David Cameron on radicalised Muslims: ‘We let in some crazies’
…. Cameron went on to criticise Labour’s dealing with groups such as Hizb-ut-Tahrir and the Muslim Council of Britain. “On the radicalisation of British Pakistanis, Cameron said the UK had ‘gotten it wrong domestically’

Algerian Christians face jail for opening church

Our money must not go on religious segregation
Instead of educating children from different backgrounds together, so they can learn from one another, we are now going to spend our taxpayers’ money on separating children along religious lines.

Pakistani Christian Convicted of ‘Blasphemy’ Stoned in Prison

Iran Court: ‘Pastor To Be Executed By Hanging’

Minister slams ‘macho’ Muslim culture
Family Minister Kristina Schröder slammed on Friday what she sees as a growing tendency to violence stemming from a “macho culture” among young Muslim men.

Muslim woman banned from roller-skating rink because she was wearing a headscarf

Complaint lodged over burqa mural

This medieval Saudi education system must be reformed

Blind couple’s anger as taxi refuses guide dog

Without free speech writers can have very little impact on culture
…. that many European Muslims misidentify it as a tool of Anglo-Saxon interests, a license to insult them, rather than the sole guarantee of their right to be heard.

UN again votes to condemn vilification of religion, but support is shrinking

Turin official appeals to school board to ban burqa-wearing mothers

Muslims vs. French School System
…. teachers in schools with a high proportion of Muslim children are being threatened on an almost daily basis by Muslims who object to courses about the Holocaust, the Crusades or evolution, and who demand halal meals and “reject French culture and its values.”

Christian Copts, Egyptian Security Standoff Over Church Construction

This trend of young Muslim girls wearing the hijab is disturbing

BBC’s Panorama claims Islamic schools teach antisemitism and homophobia

Overtime pay at Christmas axed: It discriminates against the other religions, say care home bosses

Afghan Christian faces trial for alleged conversion from Islam

U.N. Anti-Blasphemy Proposal Meets Firm Resistance

Swedish doctor assaulted ‘for being a man’
A doctor at Örebro University Hospital in central Sweden was attacked and kicked recently by the relatives of a critical ill woman who had just given birth, because they objected to him being a male.

Hijab woman jailed for six months for false complaint about police

Enforcement of Islamic Dress Code for Women in Chechnya

The religious excuse for barbarity

If you are engaged in an act of cruelty, there is an easy, effective way to silence your critics and snatch some space to carry on. Tell us all that your religion requires you to do it, and you are “offended” by any critical response.

Muslims protest in Athens over Koran rumour

Belgium: Half of Muslims don’t reject stunning before slaughter

MP demands changes after halal meat turns up in the Commons

Egypt Muslims set fire to Christian homes

Saudi Arabia Has Zero Religious Freedom
Saudi Arabia has no religious freedom in theory or practice, according to a report released today by the U.S. State Department.

Family leads outcry at blasphemy death penalty

Woman sentenced to death by stoning confesses ‘sin of adultery’ to Iran TV

Toy pig removed from farm set to avoid offending Muslim and Jewish parents

Illicit lovers sentenced to 100 lashes each

Blind student saves for three years to buy a guide HORSE because her strict Muslim parents consider dogs unclean

Poll shows majority of Oklahomans have unfavorable view of Islam

In Afghanistan, a 16-year-old girl dares to learn

Saudi Arabia’s spot on the board of UN Women a sad joke

If Pakistan is serious about freedom of speech its blasphemy law must go

Boy’s pork lunch sparks religious tensions in Malaysia

Halal meat is being served in schools, hospitals and pubs – even though vets say Islamic slaughter is cruel

Pope asks Muslim world to reciprocate religious tolerance
Several Islamic states in the Middle East have laws limiting or prohibiting Christian minorities from openly practising their faith.

Take Your Integration and Shove It!
The young woman interviewed for the program was born in Denmark, but she makes it quite clear that she has never integrated into Danish society, nor does she ever intend to do so.

Palestinian held for Facebook criticism of Islam

The Higher Criticism
The Qu’ran and Hadiths have never been subjected to what we now know as ‘The Higher Criticism‘ (textual analysis designed to establish authorship and date) ….

Muslim politician claims that he was forced by Michelle Obama to shake hands

Study: Muslim women uncomfortable with U.S. doctors

Lutfur Rahman council promotes extremist preacher who supports wife-beating
The preacher, Abdur Raheem Green, has stated that “Islam is not compatible with democracy.” He also says that a husband has the right to administer “some type of physical force… a very light beating” to his wife, to prevent her from committing “evil.”

Should we be concerned about sharia?
…. although the evidence showed that her husband had assaulted and harassed her, a restraining order was unnecessary because the defendant was acting in accordance with his religious beliefs.

How the Taxpayer is Footing the Bill for Militant Islam

Egypt Gripped by Rising Muslim-Christian Tensions

Ofcom rules against Islam Channel following Quilliam report
…. breached the UK Broadcasting Code after presenters on the channel advocated marital rape, justified violence against women and described women who wore perfume as ‘prostitutes’.