This is Why – Part 2

A continuous survey of causes of “Islamophobia”. Conflicts in Muslim countries and terrorism are excluded. See here for explanation of survey.

November 2010

Ofsted praises Islamic schools which oppose Western lifestyle

Oslo: Iran ‘preparing Muslims for action’
Iran finances mosques and sends imams … they preach hatred against the West.

Disgusting silence on church bloodbath

Islamic fundamentalists preventing the construction of a church in Kuwait

Policy Exchange vs North London Mosque: case closed
… mosque has been forced to pay … substantial costs, believed to be in the region of £100,000

Merkel defends ‘multiculturalism has failed’ comments

Dogs: Iran’s new symbol of rebellion

Saudi fatwa on female cashiers
Women should look for decent work that does not make it possible for them to attract men or be attracted by men.

October 2010

Muslim man told Skype divorce joke stands
… fatwa … the woman would have to first marry another man before she could remarry her first husband.

Islamic Fundamentalist Mass Media Targets Egyptian Coptic Church

Saudi woman freed after months in jail for disobeying father

When blasphemy is a crime
… such policies have too often been used by countries to suppress freedom of speech and freedom of religion, leading to serious human rights abuses.

Religious demands rise in French state schools – study
Teachers often faced objections when they taught courses about world religions. … Muslim parents refuse to have their children learn about Christianity.

A school that forces women to wear the niqab is attacking tolerance

Now it’s halal hairdressing: a snip for Scottish Muslims

In Stopping Saudi Money, Norway Sets An Example – Religious Reciprocity Norwegian Style
There are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia. Non-Muslim clergy are not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia. Non-Islamic religious texts and religious items such as rosary beads and crucifixes are similarly not allowed and are confiscated if found.

London borough becomes ‘Islamic republic’

Dutch retrial ordered for Wilders hate speech case

Netherlands: Christian asylum seekers threatened, abused by Muslims

Men ordered from courtroom for Muslim witness
Men were ordered out of a Perth court yesterday after a judge set down conditions to accommodate a woman giving evidence without her nikab.

Abuse Of Temporary Marriages Flourishes In Iraq

Faith schools are at the heart of our problems

No Saudi mosques, as long as there’s no freedom of religion in Saudi-Arabia

France: Hamburger Chains Decision Sparking Tensions Over Islam
France, Quick, a homegrown hamburger chain trying to compete with McDonald’s, began serving halal hamburgers last month in 22 of its 367 restaurants.

Islamic students at top university ‘are preaching hard-line extremism,’ terror experts warn

Segregated gym and swimming classes for one Muslim student

Iranian chocolate thief ‘to have hand chopped off’

Merkel says German multiculturalism has failed
… it came from several years of social science research by the Federal Ministry of Interior and more recently surveys conducted of German youths including Muslims.

Why the Integration of Muslims has Failed
… not fulfilled all three of the criteria that are necessary for becoming members of, and feeling at home in, our non-Islamic societies: wanting to integrate; being allowed to integrate; and being able to integrate.

Islamic face-veil part of ‘British way of life’

Radical Islamists aim to infiltrate Hamburg mosques

Female genital mutilation cannot be defended as part of Islam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali debates whether Islam is a religion of peace, wins in a rout

Germany: Teacher suspended for serving pork to Muslim students

Christian Groups Intensify Efforts Against U.N. Defamation Resolution
… sponsored by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) since 1999, the anti-defamation resolution … seeks to make the “defamation of religions” a human rights violation.

Muslim prisoner sues over pork

Canada court rules on Muslim veil
The right of a Muslim woman to wear a niqab while testifying in a criminal trial may be determined by judges on a “case-by-case assessment”.

Sharia in the West – Whose law counts most?
Where sharia poses genuine dilemmas for secular countries with big Muslim minorities is not in the realm of retribution but in its application to family matters such as divorce, inheritance and custody.

Swedes cite integration issues as a ‘problem’

Whitechapel – a gay free zone

You can’t commit rape within marriage, says head of UK Islamic Sharia Council

Halal fast-food chain expanding

Arab property owner bans banks, pork and porn from Berlin office building

City closes schools for extra day a year so Muslims can celebrate religious holiday

Muslim father unhappy over daughter’s school swimming sessions
… he told teachers … that it was against his Muslim beliefs for Zainab Hussain, five, to swim in mixed gender groups and with male staff present.

Christians in Arab Gulf face hurdles to worship

Pregnant Muslim ordered to remove her veil in court because magistrates can’t see her face

France’s highest legal authority removes last obstacle to ban on burka

German Muslims must obey law, not sharia: Merkel

Norway: Paper destroys possibly provocative illustration

Hizb ut-Tahrir: no such thing as a ‘Danish Muslim’
… the message to Muslims was that their faith should be their identity. … it was their duty to call others to Islam, however difficult that might be and whatever consequences it might entail.

The British Muslim schools where EVERY pupil is forced to to wear the veil – and Ofsted inspectors have approved them

Lahore High Court upholds death for blasphemy accused

Waitrose forced to ditch halal lamb from Prince of Wales’ Duchy range

Saudi women fight for control of their marital fate

Norwegian Publisher Cancels Biography of Muhammed

Shut academy doors on both religious and political extremism, urges biggest sponsor

Indonesian women caned for selling food during Muslim festival of Ramadan

Student wearing niqab begins teacher training

September 2010

Lady Warsi accuses Asian community of electoral fraud

Most Germans see Muslims as a ‘burden’: poll

US cartoon strip rejected for even mentioning Muhammad

Against its wishes, Europe’s political class is deep in immigration debates

Modern, moderate Malaysian government warns that “stern action” will be taken against those who “insult Islam”

Disneyland OKs headscarf for Muslim employee
Muslim woman who said Disneyland wouldn’t let her wear a religious headscarf on her job as a vacation planner or ticket seller … is now wearing a Disney-provided blue scarf and beret-style hat to work.

Netherlands: Radicalism level higher among Moroccans

Prominent German feminist weighs in loudly on headscarf debate

Top supermarkets secretly sell halal: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, and M&S don’t tell us meat is ritually slaughtered

New Zealand – Islamic community demand apology
“What is the difference between Muslims and Kiwis? Muslims get to commit adultery and get stoned, Kiwis get stoned and commit adultery.”

How 70% of New Zealand lamb imports to Britain are halal… but this is NOT put on the label

Muslim veil ban on students and visitors sparks row at top college

Increasing violence against Christians in Indonesia

Cover up for pool event during next year’s Ramadan

SPD Boss Calls for Tougher Integration Measures

No male prison guards for women who have to remove their headscarves

Majority approve debate following Sarrazin’s claims
… six in 10 Germans consider the German Social Democrat’s (SPD) remarks … a justified bid to start a fresh debate about immigration and integration of Muslims and other ethnic groups.

Can’t speak without asking my husband first, says ‘liberated’ Muslim woman

No pork served in half of Dutch speaking schools
“… halal slaughter ‘barbaric”. … it’s unprecedented that non-Muslim children are forced to eat halal meat, often without their or their parents’ knowledge.

Britain goes halal… but no-one tells the public: How famous institutions serve ritually slaughtered meat with no warning

Anti-burqa bill tabled in Italian parliament

Cartoonist behind ‘Draw Mohammed’ Facebook page goes into hiding

Let’s get married—for an hour

Radical Islamism challenges notions of freedom
… we are not simply dealing with faith, but with a political, social and economic ideology. Radical Islamism is a worldview. Its nearest parallel, despite many differences, is Marxism.

British Airways caterer GateGourmet dishes up plans to make most of its meals halal

Indonesian president glosses over violence against Christians denied the right to worship even in an open field

Royal Mail staff in Ramadan holiday row

What Is Shariah and Why Does It Matter?
.. with all the misogynist and bigoted discrimination and biased treatment of religious and sexual minorities, and draconian criminal punishments included.

Muslims in Paris regularly illegally block public streets to pray

Islamic countries under pressure over stoning

Student wearing niqab begins teacher training

Separation Of Church And State
Separation of religion and state is not an option for Muslims because is requires us to abandon Allah’s decree for that of a man.

Mecca discotheque – Name of discotheque outraged Muslims

Algerian Christians under trial for breaking Ramadan fast

Incitement to Murder Muslims in Surrey
… extremists are disseminating leaflets in the local area, urging Muslims to kill the Ahmadiyya.

August 2010

Burger chain launches more halal outlets in France

IRAN: Courts confirm two more stoning sentences on adultery charges

Ban first cousin marriage?

Fears of new Mohammed crisis
… expert has warned of renewed tensions between the Muslim world and Denmark in connection with plans … to release a book in which caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed are reprinted.

Building Churches in Egypt and the Ground Zero Mosque

Iran issues fatwa against pets
Ayatollah Shirazi declared dogs unclean, saying that dog owners were “blindly imitating the West” and that their devotion to the animals would result in “evil outcomes”.

‘Injurious, Defamatory and Polemical’ New Book Plunges Germany into Immigration Debate

Norway: Mosque wants restaurant to stop serving beer

Crime (Sex) and Punishment (Stoning)
… at least six stonings took place, all of them in secret, said Hadi Ghaemi, the director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Stockholm: Tougher rules against skipping swimming, sex-ed classes

Women without headscarves targeted in Muslim Chechnya

Judge orders Muslim woman to remove burqa
Prosecution witness Tasneem, 36, … has worn the burqa since the age of 17 and wanted to wear it while giving evidence.

Muslim employee sues US Disneyland over headscarf ban

Saudi Arabian judge asks hospitals to paralyse man
… asked several hospitals whether they would punitively damage a man’s spinal cord after he was convicted of attacking another man with a cleaver and paralysing him.

Denmark: 55% say Islam bad for social cohesion

Afghan couple stoned to death by Taliban after their families turned them in when they tried to elope

A Revolt Over Halal & Kosher Food in Harrow
… because of somebody wanting to follow THEIR religion which leads to senseless pain and cruelty to animals, gets my daughter involved who doesnt even belong to that religion.

Christian-themed TV shows spark complaints in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon

Clinton: U.S. ‘Deeply Concerned’ with Religious Persecution in Iran

Mob Threats Lead to Closure of Church Building in Indonesia

Malaysia men guilty in ‘Allah’ row church attack

Afghan clerics seek return to strict Islamic law

Hardline Islam steps out of the shadows in Algeria

Islamism, in any form, is a threat

JI crown prince Abdul Rohim sees violent jihad as inevitable

Public persuade shopping centre to remove Muslim loos

Can Muslims be loyal citizens of non-Muslim countries?

France’s interior minister targets immigrants who practise polygamy

Armed men hiding behind Muslim veils make off with cash at Marseille supermarket

Shariah Police in Aceh Cane 5 for Adultery, Gambling

Parents’ outrage over halal-only school dinners planned for primary schools

Mainstream Islamic organisations ‘share al-Qaeda ideology’
… the ideology of non-violent Islamists is “broadly the same as that of violent Islamists” adding “they disagree only on tactics.”

Witnesses should remove burqa

Germany: “We want to live here with our culture”
… the German town of Essen where 70% of the students are Muslims and the Germans are a discriminated minority.

“Although music is halal, promoting and teaching it is not compatible with the highest values of the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic”

Two Mideast States Say They Will Block BlackBerry

Birmingham MP calls for investigation into claims mosque was used by extremists

Brazil offers asylum to Iran woman sentenced to stoning