Mosque-run Salafist schools are teaching children sharia law: report

Children who go to mosque-run fundamentalist Muslim schools across the country are being taught people of different faiths deserve the death penalty and to turn their backs on the values of Dutch society, a joint investigation by current affairs programme Nieuwsuur and newspaper NRC has found.

The news comes in the wake of a report by intelligence service AIVD about the growing influence of the stream of fundamental Islam known as Salafism at mosque-run schools. The researchers looked at teaching materials for different age groups and some 70 hours of audio and video material retrieved from the internet.

Much of the material was obtained by journalists posing as potential parents. They found that punishments in sharia law, for instance for homosexuals and other ‘enemies’, were glorified. Children were asked to answer multiple choice questions about the appropriate punishment, including whipping, stoning and beheading by sword. At some of the around 50 schools that were scrutinised, children were told they should leave the Netherlands and go to an Islamic country instead. [] Read more