Study Claims Western-Born Muslims More Likely to Be Radicalised

Muslims born in the West are more prone to Islamic extremism due to a perceived sense of being “disadvantaged,” according to a study from the University of Uppsala in Sweden.

The study claims to have compared western-born Muslims with migrants, saying that those born in Europe or North America were much more likely to see themselves as primarily Muslims first and become angrier over perceived anti-Muslim injustice, a press release from the University of Uppsala states.

“The most important finding, however, was that Muslims born in the Western world admitted a greater willingness to use force to defend Muslims around the world,” researchers said.

The main cited reason for the differences between the two groups of Muslims is that Muslims in the West have “a stronger experience of being disadvantaged compared to the majority population in which they live.”

The study claims that Muslims are “disadvantaged” due to the alienation they feel in countries, mentioning Sweden, one of the most progressive countries in western Europe, as alienating Muslims as “immigrants” rather than “real Swedes.” [Breitbart London] Read more