Poll reveals opposition to citizenship for devout Muslims

…. As well as not wanting devout Muslims to obtain citizenship, 45 percent would also like to see it revoked in cases when a person has transgressed the criminal code. The same trend can be seen with regards to expulsion, regarding which 44 percent think that people should be expelled from Denmark if they are convicted of a crime – even though they have Danish citizenship.

Pernille Vermund, the head of Nye Borgelige, is pleased with the results of the poll. She rejects the idea it is impossible to reconcile the constitutional right to religious freedom with the idea it ought to be impossible for devout Muslims to become citizens.

“If you look at those countries where a large proportion of the population are devout Muslims – not secular or moderate – you can see it’s a society we ought not to emulate,” said Vermund.

“Four out of ten Muslims living here think that the constitution ought to be built up around the Koran’s teachings. If you think that, then you are not being true to the Danish welfare system, which you have to swear allegiance to when you become a Danish citizen,” added Vermund.

However, there is still hope for those with a more liberal outlook. The poll also reveals that 38 percent reject the notion totally, and another 13 percent ‘partly’ disagree with it. [The Copenhagen Post] Read more