Growing group of young Salafists increasingly isolated from society: report

There is a growing group of young salafists in the Netherlands who politicians can’t get a grip on, according to a study by Mohammad Nazar Soroush at Tilburg University, for which he is receiving his doctorate, NOS reports.

Nazar Soroush studied salafist Muslims in the Netherlands for 15 years. He visited 64 religious meetings over the past three years, and listened and watched young salafists at mosques, foundations and leisure activities. Salafists are Muslims who try to live as strictly as possible to the authentic, pure form of Islam.

The young salafists seek the protection of a closed community, that has traits of a family, Nazar Soroush said. What struck the researcher, was how negative the young people are about the world outside theirs.

“They can not spend time with old friends, or people who are not their ideological brothers”, he said to NOS. “A girl asked what she should say to a colleague who says salam aleikum when she comes in. The answer: do not say ‘As-salamu alaikum’ (peace be upon you) but ‘Aleikum’ (upon you), because the colleague as non-Muslim is not worthy of peace.” [NL Times] Read more