Most French want Macron crackdown on radical Islamists: polls

Most French people want Muslims suspected of harboring extremist views detained if they appear on spy agency watchlists and would back a ban on ultra-conservative Salafist Islam, two polls showed after the latest deadly attack in France.

…. An Odoxa poll published on Friday showed 87 percent wanted people suspected of religious radicalization to be put in detention, and 88 percent favored banning Salafist Islam.

An Elabe survey showed 80 percent backed the expulsion of radicalized foreigners, while more than half of its respondents said Macron was not doing enough to counter terrorism.

The president wants to redraw the relationship between France’s Muslims and the secular French state. He is not the first.

Since the late 1980s, successive Paris governments have tried but failed to nurture a liberal “Islam of France” that would help integrate the faith into a mostly secular society. [Reuters] Read more