Is it easier to get a job if you’re Adam or Mohamed?

A job seeker with an English-sounding name was offered three times the number of interviews than an applicant with a Muslim name, a BBC test found.

Inside Out London sent CVs from two candidates, “Adam” and “Mohamed”, who had identical skills and experience, in response to 100 job opportunities.

Adam was offered 12 interviews, while Mohamed was offered four.

Although the results were based on a small sample size, they tally with the findings of previous academic studies.

These have found British Muslims are less proportionately represented in managerial and professional occupations than any other religious group.

The fake candidates applied for 100 jobs as business managers in the competitive field of advertising sales in London.

After two and a half months, Adam was offered three times more interviews than Mohamed.

The two CVs were also uploaded to four job sites. Adam was contacted by four recruiters, but Mohamed only two. [BBC] Read more