Poll: 40 Per Cent of Migrants Think Citizens of Host Country Have Too Much Freedom

A newly released study of migrants in Austria has revealed that whilst the vast majority are pro-democratic, many think Austrians live too liberally and have too much freedom.

The study, conducted by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, interviewed 900 asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq on various topics from religion to their political opinions.

The results show the asylum seekers having a positive attitude for the democratic system with 90 per cent supporting the principle of democracy, 40 per cent claim people in Austria live “too liberally”, and the majority define themselves as religious, OE24 reports.

Around 80 per cent of those who took part in the study were men aged 18-30 years old reflecting the huge disparity between the numbers of men who have migrated to Europe over the course of the migrant crisis compared to women and children.

Sixty per cent said that they were actively religious and 30 per cent say they pray five times a day or more. A further 80 per cent say religious clothing, like the burqa or niqab, should be allowed in public places. Only two per cent claimed they weren’t religious. [Breitbart London] Read more