Nearly TWO THIRDS of the public believe migrants are not fitting in well to British society, according to a poll

Nearly two thirds of the public believe that migrants are not integrating well into British society, according to a poll.

Research by YouGov found concern over how arrivals were fitting in rose to 79 per cent among those who voted for Brexit in the historic EU referendum.

By contrast, among people who supported Remain the figure was much lower at 38 per cent.

The results of the survey, conducted for of social integration charity The Challenge, underline the importance of immigration in the referendum result.

They emerged as the government prepares to publish an official review of integration.

The study by Dame Louise Casey is said to criticise ministers for failing to manage immigration better, tackle extremism and help minorities fit in.

The assessment has apparently been ready for months but its publication was delayed after Home Office officials expressed ‘unhappiness’ about its content. [811 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 1131 votes] Only two thirds, I wonder where a third asked came from.

[2ND 1044] What does one expect when they segregate themselves from our traditions and way of life.

[3RD 837] Prospective immigrants should agree to do their bit, and promise to abide only by English law and dress in accordance with British culture.

[4TH 789] They don’t integrate. They want to live in their own communities & want continually. I want to know how many don’t speak or read English yet drive a taxi, badly I may add. Many are a hazard on the road.

[5TH 739] And what angers – me is, they look at me and my family like filth – and shouldn’t be in my own country.

[6TH 658] Is allowing sh@ria courts in this country helping immigrants to integrate?

[7TH 561] It is too late to integrate migrants once they have been given permanent settlement or citizenship. The best way to integrate is by filtering out those that will contribute nothing and won’t fit in during the immigration process.

We should take only migrants that are high earners, educated, fluent in English and have either lived in the west for years, or live in modern international areas of cities in their own countries.

There should be a points based system for citizenship which deducts points if migrants decide to live in segregated areas and rewards those that integrate. [Daily Mail] Read more