40 percent of Germans demand Merkel’s resignation over refugee policy, poll says

While 39.9 percent of Germans surveyed by the pollster Insa for “Focus” magazine said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy is grounds for her to step down, 45.2 percent of the more than 2,000 people polled said they did not believe she should leave office. The remaining 15 percent did not state an opinion.

Merkel has long enjoyed high popularity ratings among Germans but that support has dwindled in recent months, particularly as the numbers of asylum seekers entering Germany from the Middle East and North Africa has increased.

Members of Germany’s right-leaning Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) were particularly critical of Merkel, with two in three AfD members demanding the chancellor resign.

Among Germany’s Left party, 45.4 percent of the survey’s participants demanded Merkel’s resignation, 44 percent of Free Democratic Party (FDP) supporters and 41.3 percent of Social Democrats (SPD).

The strongest support for the chancellor came from the Greens and Merkel’s own Christian Democratic Union members, with lower figures of 30 and 26.6 percent calling for her resignation, respectively. [Deutsche Welle] Read more