Refugee crisis boosts support for anti-Islam PVV, poll shows

The new poll of polls for broadcaster Nos shows a sharp rise in support for the anti-immigration PVV, indicating the party would increase its share of the vote in an election from 17.3% to up to 20.6%.

The poll, an amalgam of five different opinion polls, says the PVV would win 27 to 31 seats in the 150 seat parliament, a rise of five on last month. It won 15 in the 2012 general election. Compiler Tom Louwerse says the increase is due to the impact of the refugee crisis which generated more political attention since the end of the summer recess.

Most new support for the PVV has come from the VVD, which can count on support of up to 17%, and the Socialist Party, which is now backed by between 11.3% and 14% of voters, the poll of polls showed. [DutchNews] Read more