World’s Muslims Reveal Their "Literalist, Supremacist, And Brutal View"

…. Islam is the world’s second-largest religion, numbering some 1.6 billion humans [no, that is the Muslim figure — the neutral figure, arrived at by adding up the Muslim populations of each country, and not merely accepting the Muslim practices of 1) assumming that everyone in a Muslim-dominated country must be counted as Muslim and 2) the exaggerated figures that, for propaganda purposes of the “Islam-is-the-world’s-fastest-growing-religion” and “we-are-outbreeding-you-the-kuffars” type ] (behind only Christianity’s 2.2 billion).

There is, thus, enormous diversity of opinion on many issues of doctrine and practice, and essentializing Islam as either “peaceful” or “violent” is fraught with peril. Nonetheless, this latest Pew study provides empirical evidence that many — far too many — Muslims cling to a literalist, supremacist and indeed brutal view of their religion. Insha’allah, this will change eventually — but time is not necessarily on our side. [The Iconoclast] Read more