Half of Germans See Islam as a Threat

One in two Germans considers Islam to be a thread. 50 per cent of Germans are also convinced that Islam does not fit in in Germany. 18 per cent of Muslims in Germany and 25 per cent of those polled in Turkey also share this opinion. This is the result of the new “Religionsmonitor” from the Bertelsmann Institute, whose numbers are present exclusively in the “Welt am Sonntag”.

It shows: Half of the population do not share the view of former federal president Christian Wulff, that Islam is part of Germany. Also internationally Islam is seen as a threat: 76 per cent of Israelis, 60 per cent of Spanish, 50 per cent of Swiss and 42 per cent of US Americans judge it to be dangerous. But also Judaism is seen by 19 per cent of East and West Germans as a threat. [Islam versus Europe] Read more