Muslims in Germany – Study Hints that Mutual Suspicion Is Slowing Integration

…. This year’s discussion was kicked off on Thursday with the publication of a study carried out by Germany’s Interior Ministry, which sought to gauge how Muslims living in the country view German culture and their attitudes to integration. The result? A significant minority encompassing 20 percent of Muslims in the country are skeptical when it comes to integration.

Perhaps more concerning, among Muslims in the age group between 14 and 32, “there exists a subgroup that could be described as ‘strictly religious’ with strong antipathy to the West, a tendential acceptance of violence and no willingness to integrate,'” the study says. Among Muslims with German citizenship, this group encompasses 15 percent, among non-citizens, it is 24 percent. [Spiegal Online] Read more

Many German Muslims ‘refuse to integrate’

Nearly every fourth non-German Muslim rejects integration, questions western values and tends to accept violence, according to a study commissioned by the German Interior Ministry and released late Thursday morning.

“Germany respects the background and cultural identity of its immigrants. But we don’t accept the importation of authoritarian, anti-democratic and religiously fanatical points of view,” Friedrich told the Bild newspaper. [The Local] Read more