Two thirds Brits want burqa ban

Two thirds of the British public agree with the statement ‘the burqa should be banned in Britain’, our poll has found, in the wake of the ban on the niqab, or any face covering (with a few exceptions) coming into force in France this week.

We polled over 2,000 nationally representative British adults, in a question that explained the burqa is a loose garment worn by some Islamic women, which covers the face and body in public, and which is removed when the woman returns home to her household out of the view of men who are not her immediate family members.

•66% agreed with the statement ‘the burqa should be banned in Britain’

•42% strongly agreed

•27% disagreed with the statement, with 9% strongly disagreeing

•Men and women are largely in agreement over the issue (68% of men and 65% of women think it should be banned)

•While older people are more likely than their younger counterparts to favour a ban (79% of the over 60s agreed with a ban, compared to 51% of those aged 18 to 24)

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